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  • River Raid
    Atari 2600 and other console platforms
    1982, United States of America
    Activision, Inc.
    Carol Shaw (Game Designer and Developer)

    In River Raid, the player controls a fighter jet from a top-down perspective over the River of No Return in a raid behind enemy lines.

    River Raid was originally developed by Carol Shaw for the Atari Video Computer System and, due to its success, later ported to numerous other console platforms. It was the first scrolling shooter that was not set in space. The game featured an inordinate amount of non-random, repeating terrain despite constrictive computer memory limits of the time. As a programmer, Shaw is considered one of the first female game developers, for her work on the unreleased Polo (1978) and 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1979).